SEO case study

Ahrefs Overview

We use a number of tools to track, analyze data and optimize SEO.


We started working with A Whole New Approach at the start of May 2021. The client has a number of websites and hadn’t given any focus to this site for a number of years.¬†Well known in his field, we were honoured that the director chose to work with us.

We started with a domain rating of 10, low traffic volume and little rankings visibility.

SEO strategy

SEO Strategy:

Each client has a different level of involvement, needs and skills. We consider this when creating our strategy. A Whole New Approach has capability inhouse to write engaging and relevant content – Google loves content!

Some of the work we did:

  • Relevant backlinking
  • Technical SEO
  • Optimising the content
  • Reworking existing content
  • Creation of relevant social links
  • And much more

Growth Everywhere We Look

These results are fantastic but still have a lot more work to do. These results are not guaranteed.


Organic Rankings

Google Search console visibility

Keywords Tracked Rankings