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Our Social Media Manager Ben has worked with hundreds of businesses with particular experience in retail companies. He continuously strives to be across the latest trends and have previously worked in sales early in his career – he still has the hunger to drive sales. Originally from Melbourne, he now resides in the beautiful sunny Gold Coast.

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    Social Media Marketing


    Social Media Marketing Agency

    Paid Ad Campaigns

    We primarily work with combined Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. These ad campaigns are recommended for retail/B2C clients. It is also frequently advised to B2B clients for brand awareness and remarketing.

    Social Media Marketing Agency

    Ad Creative

    As part of your paid ad campaign set up, an essential componant to driving clicks is relevant, eyecatching content. We are happy to assist in the creation of the artwork or work with an external supplier of your choice. Some clients are fortunate to have the skills internally to be able to provide the artwork themselves.

    Social Media Marketing Agency

    Social Media Set Up & Management

    We offer a one-time set up, including creatives, for time-poor or less technologically adept businesses that do not already have a social media presence but would like to change that.

    We also offer a social media management package on request. 


    Grow business with Social Media

    Many retail enterprises, such as restaurants and apparel stores, find that having a social media management presence is a necessary strategy. Many sorts of businesses have relied only on social media to grow until they are ready to expand.

    We believe that organic social media is better managed in-house when time allows. When asked, we can provide organic social media management.

    Our key goal is to use paid ads to generate calls, increase brand awareness and develop leads. When it comes to enquiries, we’re realistic and will tell you if social media marketing isn’t the ideal option.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Social Media Marketing


    What is social media marketing

    What is social media marketing? The use of websites and social networking platforms for marketing and sales. While digital marketing and e-marketing still dominate the business world, the use of social media is increasingly popular. It is a powerful way to promote a product or service. It is also a great way to gain followers, increase brand presence and announce company news. 

    How much does social media marketing cost?

    For paid ads marketing: The creation of the artwork can be costly and starts from $250+GST. Many agencies charge a set up fee which often include the artwork. We do not charge set up as some clients provide their own artwork either internally or from an existing supplier. We charge a standard 20% of the media spend as the ad management fee, with a minimum cost of $100+GST per month.

    For organic management: Our rates start from $850+GST per month. Our preferance is that if you have the capabilities and time to manage your social media yourself it is best but if not we are here to help.

    How businesses use social media for marketing

    Businesses benefit from social media marketing in the following ways:

    • Create communities that are active.
    • Sell your goods and services.
    • Determine how people feel about your company.
    • On social media networks, provide customer service.
    • Boost brand recognition
    • Advertise their goods and services to the right people.
    • To gain positive reviews
    • To keep up to date with their market and competitors activities
    How to write a social media marketing plan

    It is very important to have a social media marketing plan in order to effectively use the power of social media. If you haven’t written one, it is very easy to make mistakes. You can even make it easier by establishing a schedule that will work for you. The key is to set goals and recognise your time limitations. Identifying those goals will help you develop a strategy that is both realistic and efficient. Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve, you can write a plan and start implementing it.

    Why use social media as a marketing tool

    Social media allows companies to engage with customers and create a bond between them and their potential buyers. The marketing strategies involve a combination of proactive and reactive content. A brand can use social media to promote its products or services by allowing its customers to post reviews, share posts and comment on posts. While traditional media is limited to one-way interaction and a push-and-tell approach, social media allows for a two-way exchange of ideas and feedback.

    It allows very specific demographic targeting and often can be quite a cost effective medium to get your message across to thousands of potential customers.

    What social media platforms should I use for my business?

    There are so many social media platforms to choose from, it can become overwhelming. It depends on your company type and target customers to which platform is best for your business. We always recomend having at least a presence on Facebook for all business types. B2C should also have Instagram and B2B should always have LinkedIn. Always do your research to see where your customers are active.

    For example, a clothing store may find success on Instagram. A B2B company might do better on Twitter and LinkedIn. Using social media can help a business understands its consumers better and create a more relevant product. These types of platforms can be time consuming to start up. Small business owners should learn the basics of social media marketing before getting started. There are many free online courses to take such as Hubspot’s.

    What social media platforms are there?

    There is too many to list but below are some main ones:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Google Business
    • PinInterest
    • Instagram
    • TicTok
    • Reddit
    • Quora
    • Trip Advisor
    • YouTube
    • WeChat


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