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MONSTER ROSE specialises in website design and development. Our web experiences are high-performing, feature-rich, and digitally transformational, with a focus on being user-friendly, fully functional, highly secure, and scalable as your business expands.

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    Website Development

    Needs Audit

    Site audits allow us to measure the efficiency and ranking visability of your site. It allows us to see areas to improve.

    We use ahrefs software to run a technical audit. We also do a manual audit for user experience as well. 

    We offer these audits obligation free.

    Website Development

    Web Strategy

    Monster Rose’s approach to developing websites is to identify what the business and it’s customers need the website to do.

    Does it need to be a resource for it’s customers to answer questions such as installation instructions? Will you be selling products online? What difficulties do you have currently with your website?

    Website Development

    Mobile Friendly

    All our websites are multi screen responsive. Keeping the user experience great across all the many devices. Web users are often time poor and impatient with difficult to navigate or slow websites.

    Keeping up to date with Google’s guidelines we have a mobile first approach.

    Website Development

    SEO Optimised

    We ensure all our websites have a final technical SEO optimisation before going live.

    These include but is not necessarily limited to the following:

    • Sitemaps generated and submitted to both Google and Bing.
    • SEO software plugin installed and configured.
    • Robots.txt file creation
    • Canonical tags
    • 404 pages
    • 301 redirects
    Website Development


    Copywriting services are available if you find yourself not in a position to provide.

    Quailty of your copy writing is essential for user experience. We have tested many copy writers until we were happy with the consistency of the content produced.

    Our copy writers are fluent English speakers. Read through our blogs to gain an understanding of our capabilities.


    Website Development

    Third-Party Integration

    We have the capability to integrate third party software into your website. Some common integrations are:

    • Payment gateways
    • Shipping gateways
    • Postage calculation
    • CRM
    • Inventory management system
    • Live chat software
    • Email marketing

    Our Work


    Asset Finance Shop Website Build

    Website layout has has been edited by the businesses internal staff since launch.

    DTB Pumps Website Build

    Exclusive Features

    • Custom designed
    • Built for easy navigation for best user experience
    • Built to be scalable for your future business needs
    • Clear call to actions
    • Mobile friendly
    • CMS installation such as WordPress
    • Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts created
    • Sitemap creation and submission to Google and Bing
    • Onpage SEO optimised
    • Website maintenance service optional


    Can I build my own website?

    Many people ask: “Can I build my own website?”. The answer to this question depends on your skill level and your personal preference. The most important part is to get started! If you’re not sure which way to go, you can use a combination of the two methods. Also, you can ask for advice from trusted friends and colleagues. They may have already built a website for their business and can offer tips and tricks.

    First of all, building your own website is a lot easier than you might think. Once you’ve learned a few basics, building a website is a rewarding and fun experience. Make sure you preview the website before publishing it. You may find it helpful to hire a professional web designer for a few hours of training. You can also build your website offline with a desktop software tool. And of course, you can even build your website from scratch with a plain text editor. Before you decide, consider your skill level, your budget, and your gumption.

    One of the most important tasks of a website owner is to post information in a logical and appealing way. It should include several pages, such as a catalog of products, or a blog section to share company updates. The content should have a clear purpose and a call to action. You may also want to include social media profiles on your site. The latter is especially useful if your website is about a visually-oriented profession.

    Web Design Melbourne

    So, what is the benefits of looking for a local web designer in Melbourne?

    • Face to face meetings
    • Local referrals
    • Business networking
    • Understanding the local market and culture
    • Real experience with the latest local business difficulties faced
    • Comfort in knowing a person, not just a voice or a video

    When searching for web design company Melbourne, location should not be the only factor to consider. Is your business suited to a more personalised approach or does a structured set plan fit your needs more?

    Ecommerce web design Melbourne

    Is it essential to find someone in Melbourne to assist in changes or complete build of a new Ecommerce web design? Depends on your need. If you are someone that works better in person, feels more comfortable that they are local or like to support your local business owners, then the answer is yes.

    Before you engage a web design company check their work. Have they built Ecommerce sites before? Can they show you examples?

    How much does a web designer cost?

    When you need a website design for your business, you should first ask yourself “How much does a web designer cost?” The price will vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. Large, custom websites can cost several times as much as simple updates. Then, you can determine how much it would cost for a smaller project. Web designers can also offer pre-made packages that will allow you to save money. These packages may not have all of the bells and whistles of a custom website, but they are usually cheaper than building one from scratch. Most designers offer a flat package rate with the option of customization at additional cost.

    You can charge your customers based on the scope of the work. If your website is for personal use, it will be simpler to create than a business or eCommerce site. In addition, a personal website will usually be simpler, and your rates will be lower than for a large business or eCommerce site. You can also charge per hour. You may find that you can handle a client’s requests more easily if you charge by the hour. If you can afford the extra work, charge accordingly.

    While some web designers charge by the page, some will offer a flat rate based on the number of pages on your website. You can also find flat rates for specific services. For instance, a single page design can cost between $200 and several thousand dollars. Split testing may cost several hundred dollars per page, and on-site optimization can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. A good web designer should be able to offer you a custom rate based on the scope of the project.

    How much does it cost to build a website in Australia?

    Depending on the features and complexity of your website, you’ll have to factor in various costs, including ongoing maintenance and changes. Prices for custom-built and e-commerce sites vary considerably. You’ll pay less for a simple brochure site, but more for a complex custom-designed website. Read on to find out how much it costs to build a website in Australia. Here are some tips to get the most for your money.

    The cost of web design and development can vary dramatically in Australia. The price for one person’s website is much lower than the cost of hiring an entire development team. A web development agency has experienced web developers and designers, which naturally translates to a higher website cost. The hourly rate of a web developer varies by state, but Australian rates range from around $50 per hour to $250.

    Cost depends on the type of website you need and your business’s needs. CMS-based websites are popular, but they can cost as much as $25,000. CMS-based websites let you edit content and add pages as needed. CMS-based websites use free or premium templates to design the pages. CMS-based websites typically feature greater branding and design, as well as mobile consideration. The cost of WordPress website design is the most popular CMS-based platform in the world.

    Before deciding on the price of building a website in Australia, consider the parameters of the project. You’ll need to determine your desired outcome and the budget you have for it. Remember that the more complex a website is, the higher the price tag. This is especially true if you’re running a business site or an eCommerce site. For basic websites with just a few pages, you can expect to pay anywhere on average  from $500 to $6,000.

    Is it worth paying for a web designer?

    Whether or not it is worth paying for a web designer depends on your needs. Most clients already have so much work on their hands, so attracting new ones isn’t a top priority. Most clients prioritize optimizing their website for Google search. After all, people go to Google to find a new product or service. A professional web designer can do that for you. Plus, he or she may offer additional services, such as content writing and SEO.

    Web design quotes vary greatly. It can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Before getting quotes, ask about the features you’d like to include. Some may be simple, while others may be more advanced and difficult to implement. Additionally, it’s important to note that a single page website won’t necessarily be more affordable than a large site. Ultimately, the price of a web designer’s work should reflect the scope of your project.

    Web design involves learning coding languages. The most important ones are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Other languages, such as JavaScript, are optional. A good designer will know all of them and be able to identify potential problems. A good designer will also be able to tell you if something is broken. If you’re not sure, ask others about their experiences. These stakeholders will be able to point out what pain points or gains they’ve noticed and what they’ve not.

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