Why Design Is Important in Your Business Marketing Efforts

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Web Design

When we say design in marketing, it goes beyond the overall aesthetics of your brand—logo design, typography and page layouts. Its main purpose should be to gain brand awareness, engagement and connection with your target market.

Your marketing efforts should not be limited to available resources and design elements just to get them out there. It’s important to have a cohesive design that truly represents what your brand is all about and what it can offer to your audience. 

It’s very tempting for businesses to create the design on their own, as it can reduce costs in a short period. But if you’re looking for a long term solution that incorporates services, sales, inbound marketing and design, hiring a professional graphic designer, marketing team or digital marketing agency can help you create a design that will resonate with your clients and prospects.

But why is design so important in the overall marketing of your business? Find out more in today’s article.

Why Design Is Important in Marketing

Just because you think you create a beautiful design doesn’t mean that you’ll attract your target audience. 

It takes the right design for your marketing materials to really gain traction and for you to be able to convey a strong message to your target market. So, how does a great design help your marketing efforts? Here’s how:

Helps Establish Your Brand Look, Feel and Identity

When you mention well-known brands, you’ll automatically think about their logo, slogan, colour palettes and their typography. These are things that they’ve chosen carefully, thought about many times, and pondered on with the graphic design.

The marketers behind these brands used psychological studies of what colours people perceive more, and they used and incorporated them into their branding so they can strongly relay their message. It’s not some coincidence that whatever design, fonts and colours they like, they will just use it. It’s beyond those things.

Studies have shown that some colours can increase appetite, create feelings of coolness or warmth and even sadness or excitement. There are also colours that represent modern and high-end brands such as gold, black or silver.

Typography also helps brands gain that feel, look and identity. Choosing the right size, font and style are important in developing your brand as well. The font style should also represent what your company is all about.

Creates Campaign Visibility

The online world is already saturated with brands from the same industry you are in. So how are you going to raise your brand visibility with all the competition?

The answer lies in using a design that’s unique so you can stand out from the crowd. To do that, your designer should be able to visualise what your target audience wants and manifest it into the design and get your audience’s attention.

Drive Lead Conversion and Improve Your ROI

When you have the right design for your marketing, it can help you generate more leads and eventually influence more conversions, turning them into paying customers and improving your ROI.

Additionally, when you use appropriate images of people, you can create a deeper connection and empathy with your target audience. For instance, if your brand is focused on pregnant women, then including pictures of mums and babies can increase visual response rates that will eventually increase trust and even loyalty. Using the right design can help build relationships with your customers and prospects.


Creating the appropriate design for your marketing campaigns can help you establish your brand, stand out among competitors, convert leads into paying individuals and deliver a clear and consistent brand experience to your customers.

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