Mastering Google Business Profile: A Step-by-Step Guide to Updating and Editing

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Local SEO, Marketing, SEO

Your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business, also known as business map listing) is a free listing on Google that you can build to help your business reach more customers and rank higher than your competitors. However, just how you keep updating and optimising your website, similarly you need to keep updating your Google Business listing too as and when needed to stay on top of the game. This is not a one and done process.

If your business relies on local customers I recommend you update your listing monthly and for businesses whose customer base is city, state, Australia-wide or global, I recommend you update at least quarterly.


Why your Google Business Profile is important for local SEO

Updating your Business Profile on Google is one of the best ways to boost your local SEO. According to this research posted on Google’s blog, your updated Google Business Profile:

  1. Is 2.7 times more likely to be regarded as trustworthy.
  2. Gets 7 times the amount of clicks.
  3. Is 70% more likely to draw visitors to the physical location.
  4. Is 50% more likely to result in a buy.

It is near impossible to keep up to date with Googles algorithm search updates – for those that like the detail Search Engine Journal has compiled a list for 2023. Let me give you the short version, just as Google are constantly trying to improve their digital offerings and (in particular for this article) search experience for the user (not the advertiser) – FOLLOW THEIR LEAD & KEEP YOUR BUSINESS CURRENT!

Set yourself a realistic reminder weekly, monthly, what ever you will actually be able to commit to & JUST GET IT DONE! Add “update Google Profile” to seasonal checklists of your business, such as extended opening hours near Christmas or full closure period.

I may not be popular saying this but your website, your Google Business Profile listing, your social accounts are not for you. They are a tool to assist your current and new customers. They are a tool to bring in new business. Bring it into your businesses “To Do Processes”.

Your Google Profile is relied on by users to have up to date information. So many reasons why but one we all should relate to is being frustrated going to visit a business to find it closed after checking the website or checking Google Business Profile and it saying it was open.

Do I really need to update my Google Business Profile?

Didn’t we just cover this? Yes and no. I am going to delve in further, as it is that important. Here are a couple of reasons you should update your Business Profile:

  1. Support your customers
    According to Google’s analysis on local search behaviour, 88% consumers now use smartphones to search for local businesses online. You can only reach these customers if you keep your Google Business Profile updated. 
  2. Improve Local SEO
    Updating your business profile helps a lot with making your SEO, especially local SEO better. One thing that we know for sure about Google is it loves up-to-date information and prioritises it. Keep your profile in all your online listings consistent to up your points with Google.
  3. Solidify your digital brand presence
    Updating your listing not only wins bonus points with Google and ups your chances of ranking higher in searches, but your listing also gets referred to and replicated in numerous directories and local maps’ sources people look for on the internet. You can keep your listing accurate and updated to help this cause which in turn helps you.
  4. View your performance
    Get a quick snapshot on how people are finding your business and the different actions they take. The measurable actions on your profile are website visits, directions, bookings and messages (when enabled).

Google profile is the most trusted go-to resource on a business in my opinion.

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What To Do With Your Google Business Profile

First of all, how do I list my business on Google?

You might be a business owner who hasn’t listed their business yet on Google and wants to first start off with listing their business in the first place. We will lay down the step-by-step process to help you with just that:

  1. Sign In/Create a Google Account: If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one. If you do, simply sign in.
  2. Go to Google Business Profile: Navigate to the Google Business Profile website (
  3. Find Your Business: Before creating a new listing, check if your business already exists on Google Maps. Sometimes, Google creates a listing based on information it finds online, or a customer might have added your business. If your business is already listed, you can claim it.
  4. Add or Claim Your Business: If your business isn’t listed, you can add it by clicking on “Add your business to Google.” If it’s listed, but you’re not the owner, you can claim the business by clicking on “Claim this business” or “Own this business?”.
  5. Enter Business Information: You’ll be prompted to fill in various details about your business, such as the name, category, location, service areas (if applicable), and contact information.
  6. Verification: Google requires you to verify your business to manage the listing. Verification is becoming stricter recently. Video verification has been a recent addition and is increasingly be given as the only option for many new businesses. If you are claiming a listing, you are likely to be given the options of phone, SMS or mail for verification.
  7. Optimise Your Listing: After verification, you can further optimise your listing by adding more details like business hours, photos, additional categories, and a business description.

How do I edit and update my Business Profile on Google?

Here’s how you edit or update your business information on Google Business Profile:

  1. Access Your Profile:
    • Navigate to or Google your business name. Edit mode is done directly in the “search result”.
    • Ensure you’re logged in with the Google account associated with your business.
  2. Enter Edit Mode:
    • Once logged in, select the “Info” option. This is your gateway to editing your business information.
  3. Select the Section to Update:
    • Browse through your business profile and identify the section you wish to update. This could be anything from contact details to service descriptions. Challenge yourself to fill out all the information.
  4. Make Your Edits:
    • Click the pencil icon next to the section you want to edit. This action will allow you to add new information or modify existing details.
  5. Apply Changes:
    • After making your edits, click “Apply” to save the changes. This will update your business information on Google.

You can check this blog post by Google to get more information on updating your Business Profile. For detailed steps on how to do it and additional information on how to manage your profile, check this link.

Maximising customer engagement through your Google Business Profile

Engaging well with customers online is crucial for business growth. One of the primary reasons people disengage from a business is due to poor customer experience, which often includes misinformation and a lack of responsiveness. Your Google Business Profile offers a suite of tools designed to foster this interaction. Here’s how you can leverage messaging, Q&A, posts, and reviews to enhance customer engagement:

1. Messaging (this feature is being removed end of July 2024)

  • Instant Replies: Activate the messaging feature on your Google Business Profile to allow customers to reach you directly. Respond promptly to queries to build trust and rapport.
  • Automated Greetings: Use automated responses to greet customers. This ensures they feel acknowledged even when you’re not available to respond immediately.

2. Q&A Section

  • Active Participation: Monitor and participate in the Q&A section of your profile. Answer questions accurately and promptly.
  • FAQs: Proactively post frequently asked questions and answers. This not only aids potential customers but also showcases your attentiveness.

3. Posts

  • Regular Updates: Share regular updates about your business, new products, events, or special offers. This keeps your profile dynamic and engaging.
  • Visual Appeal: Include appealing photos or short videos in your posts to capture attention and encourage interaction.
  • Calls-to-Action: End your posts with a compelling call-to-action, directing customers to take specific steps, like visiting your website or signing up for a newsletter.

4. Reviews

  • Prompt Responses: Respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, in a professional and courteous manner. This shows that you value customer feedback.
  • Encourage Reviews: Actively encourage happy customers to leave reviews. More reviews can improve your visibility and credibility.
  • Utilise Feedback: Use the feedback from reviews to improve your services or products. Let customers know their opinions are heard and valued.

Is there anything I can’t change on my Business Profile?

Yes, there are some things which you can’t change, edit or update on your Google Business Profile, such as your customer reviews. Also, you can’ change the editorial summary of your business profile that the writers from Google draft for you. 

Some other aspects of your GBP that you can’t directly change include user-generated content like photos or questions in the Q&A section. However, you can flag inappropriate content for Google to review.

With that being said, if there’s anything inaccurate displayed about your business in the fields that you can’t change, you can always contact Google Business Profile Help and Support by filling up this form.