Why You Should Have A Google Map Listing

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Local SEO

What is a Google Map Listing

It is referred to by many different names but the recently updated name is Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business. People also refer to the listing as local maps.

You can post business updates such as business hours, promotion, product images and so much more.

Have a physical location?

Whether your business type doesn’t usually have customers visit or you have a food /retail store relying on it; you need a Google Business profile. Making it publicly available on your profile doesn’t just assist with directions, it also can be a deciding factor due to distance on visiting your business over another.

Recently I had to the dreaded school shoes shopping. I say dreaded because the kids aren’t excited by it and considering the last year of remote learning, how often are they going to get used this time. Due to known supply shortages everywhere, I had done my research and decided on 3 stores within a reasonable distance to my location to enquire on stock. Then I called to confirm stock and ultimately went to two to purchase the shoes.

Don’t have a physical location?

Google Business Profiles have the option to hide your physical location and choose service areas. This allows you to keep your privacy , whilst still having your foot in the game to be found by potential customers.

Many businesses work from home now. I know of a well established business of over 20 years, that when their lease renewal came up over lockdown they decided to continue work from home arrangements regardless of lockdowns. Not only did they find their productivity was the same if not better, they recognised the better work life balance. To ensure team unity and mental well being, they have invested in monthly activities such as lunch or paintball.

The show shopping example is still relevant to businesses that hide their location. I was happy to consider buying online. I looked at delivery times and through my research for school shoes actually found a sale on dresses and bought a couple for my daughter. Wasn’t what I was originally looking for but it was a good deal. I chose delivery for that purchase due to free shipping and being in no rush for the items. Surprisingly, I received the delivery within a week.

Google My Business Listing Searches
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What can you do with your Google Business profile

  • Update business information such as address, business hours and phone number.
  • Add a short business description.
  • Post updates on promotions, sales, new offerings, temporary closures.
  • Upload images of your business and products.
  • List your products, services and prices.
  • Allow people to message you through your profile.
  • Upload videos and virtual walkthroughs.
  • Choose your location service areas.
  • Read up on insights on how your customers found you.

Keep across your profile often as your maps listing can have edits suggested to it by the public and at times those edits can go live without the need for you to approve it.

Your listing is free and it is recommended to fully fill out all of your profile. Your listing will support both your existing customers and help