Know the Importance of Online Reputation Management

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Reputation Management

Today, most consumers rely on online reviews in order to make their purchase decisions. In fact, according to a report, almost 92% of customers refrain from using a business that has negative online reviews.  As a brand, it’s crucial for your business to garner positive reviews so that consumers can trust your brand. 

Fortunately, you can now utilise online platforms to build or improve your reputation. You can do that just by using online reputation management. In this article, we will discuss what online reputation management is and why it is important for your business. Keep on reading to learn more about online reputation management. 

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Let’s define what online reputation management is. Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of actively monitoring your brand’s online reputation and creating an authentic and positive profile. Essentially, it will help your brand to have a positive image on the internet. It utilises various tools to prevent damage or solve issues concerning your business image. 

Why Is Online Reputation Management Important to Your Business?

Businesses cannot please every customer. As a result, they will most likely get negative reviews. Since most consumers rely on online reviews to make their purchasing decisions, you need online reputation management to maintain an excellent reputation. Without it, those negative reviews will keep floating across the internet, damaging your reputation and making your customers shy away from making any purchases in your business.

online reputation management for businesses
What do your customers say about their experience with you?

Here are other reasons why online reputation management is important to your business: 

1. It Can Entice Your Customers to Make a Purchase from Your Business

As mentioned, customers will shy away from making purchases if they see negative and destructive reviews. This fact is already proven. In fact, according to a study, 85% of customers admit to trusting online reviews as much as taking personal recommendations. They first read reviews before trusting a brand. That’s why you need ORM in order to address and respond to those false or negative claims about your brand. This way, your customers will be enticed to buy from you since they won’t see a single negative review. 

2. It Can Help You Build a Trustworthy Image

As mentioned, businesses cannot please every customer, so no one is exempted from getting negative reviews. But, if you know how to respond to those negative comments, there’s a higher chance that you’ll win your customers back. ORM can help your business be more trustworthy, thereby improving brand loyalty. 

3. It Helps Boost Your Brand Visibility

ORM is essential to your business because it can help boost your brand visibility. The more the audience talks about your brand on social networks, the more likely your visibility will improve since search engines will determine that your brand is getting popular, making them rank you in higher positions. 


As you can see, online reputation management is beneficial for your business. Remember, no negative reviews could mean more sales, customer loyalty and a higher chance of brand visibility. So, make sure that your business utilises ORM. 

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