Our Top 5 Website Chat Plugins

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Marketing, Web Design

When it comes to personalising your brand in ways through which your customer can conveniently reach out to you, email ID and even contact numbers just don’t cut it anymore. Now when a potential lead or customer checks out your website, apart from the look and feel of it and assessing the products or services offered, they look for an easy option of contacting you.

It should be personalised enough so that they know they are being heard by your business, but at the same time not too direct like a call where they have to take a chunk of time out from their day to make a call to talk for a stretch of time.

That’s where website chat plugins come into picture. They are convenient, interactive, and text-based. They are handy not only to the customers but your business as well, as they handle the queries of a decent percentage of people reaching out to you and you can gather useful information about your customers as well.

With that said, there are a lot of website chat plugins available online, hence it’s needless to say that it gets confusing and difficult to choose the right website chat plugin for you and your business. That’s why we’ve researched and found 5 website chat plugins that we found to be the best. Let’s take a look.

1. LiveChat

A versatile yet effective alternative for adding live chat to your WordPress site is the LiveChat plugin. It is simple and easy to apply because it is compatible with many WordPress site builders. Additionally, LiveChat has partnered with major e-commerce software like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others. With that being said, LiveChat’s WordPress Plugin could be useful for your store’s website.

Use the chat box as an offline web form to gather emails for your mailing list or use LiveChat to reach out to website visitors directly. Additionally, you can add images for team members to the chat boxes so that they can be customised to go with company identity and customers know who they’re speaking to. Without needing to be modified, the live chat plugin works with most WordPress themes and designs.

Top Features:

  • What your customer is typing is visible to you in realtime, which allows you to prepare for a response quicker.
  • Canned responses – which are pre-written responses that you can set up to use at a click, useful if you have common answers.
  • Integrations and mobile app – they have made it easy to work with what and how you do.


Plans start at $20USD per month with a 14 day free trial.

Website Chat Plugins
Our top 5 website chat plugins - monster rose

2. Meta Messenger (Formerly Facebook Messenger)

Facebook Messenger is incredibly popular, and in the US, it’s the texting app of preference. You can seamlessly integrate Facebook or Meta Messenger into your WordPress website with the Facebook Chat plugin. Once configured, your potential clients and customers will be able to contact your company in a manner similar to that of Messenger. Send automated responses to the most frequently requested questions when you’re unavailable to prevent clients from feeling unattended or abandoned. Plus, even after they leave your website, clients can still remain in conversation with you. Customers can reach out to you anonymously in Guest Mode even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

The Starter Option

This being completely free and connected to a platform your business should already be on, this is what I recommend to start ups or those watching their budget. The chat plugin is a little heavy on the website, so not my first choice when considering SEO.

3. WP Social Chat

WordPress’s WhatsApp Chat plugin enables you to include a web beacon, widget, floating button, and stationary button on your website. It integrates perfectly with every cache plugin and is simple to set up. You are free to add more than one sales representative, technical support, or customer care representative.

You can put several member accounts in a WhatsApp box to display using the WhatsApp Chat plugin. You can choose colours that go with the look and feel of your website. Additionally, you may alter each agent’s profile based on their work schedule, daily schedule, avatar, name tag, and job title.

Additionally, it helps multilingual websites. To simply customise the languages that are offered on your site, you can use WordPress translation plugins like WPML and Polylang.

Top Features:

  • Mobile App – Another option working with a commonly used platform.
  • Multi-lingual – integrates well for translation. Really useful in this modern world.
  • Customisable interface which allows you to incorporate your branding.


It does have a free option, which is good to try before committing. Seriously though at $25 USD it is a no-brainer to pay for the extra features and support. This is my recommendation if you have a small budget.

4. Tidio

Tidio plugin offers free live chat for WordPress and is simple to set up, works well on mobile devices, and supports Facebook or Meta Messenger and email. Tidio also features chatbots which relieve your customer support representatives of quite a few repetitive tasks like responses that can be standardised. Tidio’s incoming visitor notification function that allows your agents to interact with guests as soon as they come, is one of its important features.

Deploy your widget smoothly on your desktop website or mobile device by giving it your brand’s appearance and feel. Additionally, all discussions are accessible from a single, straightforward panel, allowing agents to manage their chats from a single location. Additionally, by using NLP (natural language processing), you may begin to recognise and resolve your customers’ problems sooner.

5. Olark

Live chat software from Olark is renowned for its tasteful blend of complexity and simplicity. Install the Olark plugin on WordPress, reload your site, and your chat box will be live and ready. Its live chat WordPress plugin is equally user-friendly yet effective. After installation, you are free to design your chat widget, preserve chat transcripts, and do other things.

CRM tools can simply be combined with the live chat function of the Olark WordPress plugin. To make conversations go smoother and faster, set up automation rules. You can also collect real-time information on visitor and agent activities. Additionally, you may store whole conversations to your archive and then consult them to gather even more information about your customers.


What do you think about the recommendations? Need help with propelling your business forward online? Reach out to us through this link.