Reaching Your Ideal Customers: Geo-Targeting

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Marketing, Social

Targeting your ad messages to a particular geographical location has numerous benefits that could change the face of your business whether you run a small-scale business or a giant multinational corporation. Geotargeting is made possible by our devices, as we surf the internet, we are leaving a trail of data that business owners can utilize for promotional purposes.

Advertising and marketing efforts are geared towards promoting a product or service and reaching ideal customers. While this might be an uphill task, it is possible to achieve using geo-targeting. What this implies is that your online content is specifically targeted at customers who are within a particular location.

If you are considering the option to widen your customer reach and get your online content to ideal customers, continue reading this article to understand what geo-targeting is, its benefits and how you can start using it for your business today.

Geo-targeting: getting the right messages to the right people

Geo-targeting also called geographical targeting is a form of advertising that relies on targeting specific locations for your ad messages. This is a common feature in local advertising as the interest of the brand is to attract locales to their product offerings or services. Once the site recognizes the current location of such users, they channel advertising messages tailored for users in such locations. One of the things you can do with locational targeting is to create anticipation in international users. There are several ways to utilize geo-targeting in marketing such as geofencing, IP addresses, GPS signals, and others.

If you run a clothing brand and want to make customers living close to your business to walk in and shop, geo-targeting is a great option. What this means is that when those customers wish to shop for new clothes and goes online to search for stores near them, your ad message will show up, directing them to shop from you.

It is important however to note that while all businesses can benefit from the potential of geo-targeting, it is not ideal for all types of business. The business that offers common products or services might discover that geo-targeting is a waste of time and resources as many will prefer to buy these products directly from neighbourhood stores than online. It is also going to be a demerit to businesses that offer sensitive services. This is because they often work with secret information not meant for public consumption. While starting with geo-targeting, ensure the location is not already saturated with other businesses as this can make the process tedious. You might end up helping your competition sell using this mode.

One of the recommended ways to use geo-targeting is to exclude the locations where your businesses are not found. Focus on the specific areas where your businesses are to increase marketing results.

Advantages of geo-targeting to businesses

If you are still unsure about using geographical targeting for your marketing, here are some benefits you can enjoy with this option:

  • It is cost-effective and practical, especially for small businesses seeking to widen their reach.
  • It is a great avenue to introduce a new business to locales that are in close range of the company location.
  • It is also effective when crafting appropriate ad messages for users within a particular location. If they have peculiar behaviour, you can mirror those in your messages.
  • It makes it easier for consumers to find the right messages for them in no time. They can also discover where to shop for specific products or services.
  • Geo-targeting facilities brand loyalty and likability as consumers will patronize and love brands that provide the appropriate messages they seek online.
  • It is easier to merge traditional ads in newspapers, magazines, and others with online ad content as it is centred on a specific location.
  • It helps in marketing budgets as the company can allocate resources to advertise within the regions where their product or services are needed.
  • It is also a great way to get a return on investment as users can get all the information they need in one click, making it rank better.
  • It is vital for breaking into new markets. You can slowly introduce your product offerings to consumers outside your location.
  • Geo-targeting helps showcase you as a professional in your industry and within your locality. This will encourage customers to seek you first when they need your product or services.
  • With geotargeted ads, you can present key information about an area, community, or place. This will make it easy to collaborate with other local businesses around you.

Geotargeting: Ways you can set it for your brand

  • Google ads location targeting: Google Ads location targeting allows your ads to appear in specific locations that you choose. What this means is that you can set your business to be visible for users within a particular community, in most cases your locality.  With google ads location targeting, you can exclude users from other locations where your business is not available.
  • Facebook location targeting: Facebook location Targeting allows businesses to decide on specific areas they want their ads to be shown. There are lots of opportunities when you use this social media channel for geotargeting. Facebook allows businesses to target different locations using city, region, zip, or postal code, or through business address. 
  • Instagram geotargeting: with Instagram, you can target your audience in specific locations either through their IP addresses or by allowing Instagram to run automatic targeting i.e., Bringing your ads to customers living within your geographical location. While sharing your ads on Instagram, specify the location as it can boost the visibility of such ad messages.
  • Twitter geotargeting: just like other social media, Twitter allows you to decide who you want to see your ad messages according to their location. If you are keen on locales, then it will present your message to an audience living within the perimeters of your business. It uses IP addresses, cell signals, Wi-Fi signals, and others to achieve this aim.
  • LinkedIn geotargeting: this social media channel is effective for business-to-business location targeting. It is easy to find businesses within a particular location or city.
Reaching Your Ideal Customers: Geo-Targeting

Wrapping up

If you are seeking ways to drive sales, increase brand loyalty, and provide targeted ad messages that convert, geotargeting is an excellent option for your business. It is an economical method of sending the right messages to the right customers within a given location. No matter the nature and scope of your business, you can benefit from the many advantages local PPC has to offer.

Starting off your geo-targeted advertising campaign can be an uphill task without proper knowledge. You may need to find a resource digital media agency such as Monster Rose to help you kick off. We are intentional with creating optimum digital marketing and web design for our clients. Whether you need full assistance with your online marketing or need help with your in-house agency, we can help you get the job done.

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