What Is GA4 & Why You Should Get Ready Now.

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Marketing, Web Design

Why run a website when you can’t keep track of user interactions on your page and track the consumption of content on your site? The online sphere can be a quagmire and keeping abreast of who sees your content, what is popular among your content, and how many times they are coming back to see it, will ensure your digital presence is properly optimized to deliver results. With the newly released Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you can do all that and more.

Do you run a website or app? Are you interested in deriving an accurate database of your users to help your content creation and marketing campaigns? Have you figured out the best way to keep track of your apps and website traffic? Continue reading to explore all you need to know about GA4 and why you should get it now.

GA4: A Game-Changing Addition

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a Google Analytics property that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. It combines the features of Universal Analytics (UA) with its latest features designed to give you vast online opportunities.

GA4 is the fourth iteration of web analytics under the Google marketing brand. It will replace the UA (universal Analytics). It allows you to integrate mobile app and website usage data into a single Google Analytics Property. In October of 2020, Google Analytics 4 was released under the acronym GA4.

Start Tracking Your Search Results With Ga4 Today!
Start tracking your search results with ga4 today!

7 Amazing Features of the GA4

As part of its upgrade, Google had added additional features to its latest analytic. Some of the key features include:

  1. Event-based tracking model:
    One of the most significant newer features of the GA4 is the way data is collected. Unlike the case of universal analytics where data was collected through tags placed on website pages, GA4 uses event-based tracking. This means that rather than use pageviews, it tracks each user interaction as an event. This is a game-changer in tracking users’ activities as it provides more accuracy. The event-based model also makes it possible to track user interactions that don’t necessarily happen on a web page, like offline conversion or in-app purchases.
  2. Cross-platform tracking (web and apps):
    This feature enables you to track users across devices and platforms. Simply put, you get a clear picture of how your online users interact with your brand, both on your website, your mobile app, or even on both. This facilitates the ease of tracking conversation as you can follow a user’s journey from beginning to end regardless of the device they are using. This feature is facilitated by the use of ‘data streams’ which are views of your data created based on certain criteria.
  3. Event Creation and Tracking Potentials:
    With GA4, you can create and track up to 300 events. Most crucial events are tracked by default in GA4, and you can easily create new events directly on the platform, you don’t have to source developers all the time, amazing!
  4. Anomaly Detection:
    Using GA4 machine learning and AI tech, GA4’s anomaly detection automatically spots unusual happenings on your website or app and will deliver reports on statistically significant findings.
  5. Machine Learning:
    This is another plus for businesses and brands. GA4 will provide deeper insight into machine learning. Its probabilistic matching will help piece together information from different sources to give a holistic view of your users.
  6. An integration to BigQuery:
    BigQuery is Google’s cloud-based data warehouse service. With this integration, you can export data into BigQuery for in-depth analysis, with ease. What this represents is near unlimited storage of your data and advanced analysis not accessible in the previous versions.
  7. Prediction Ability:
    GA4 is making a statement through its ability to use machine learning to predict ‘purchase probability’ and ‘churn’. While purchase probability shows the likelihood of a user making an online purchase. Churn describes the likelihood of a user quitting using your product. This feature is significant to business owners as it will help them navigate their marketing campaigns and product development.
Latest Analytics For Your Website - Ga4
Don’t get left behind. Set up google analytics 4 today.

Get ready for GA4: Why you need the latest Google Analytics.

According to a March 2022 statement released by Google, Universal Analytics will stop collecting new data by July 1, 2023, with Google Analytics 4 set to replace it. This means, that if you’re planning on building a new website or app, then it’ll be a GA4 property by default. If you are still keen on using Google Analytics, you will need to upgrade to the GA4 to keep enjoying its remarkable features.

Wondering why you need to upgrade to GA4, here are our top reasons:

  • You don’t want to have a period of hibernation due to your inability to transition to the GA4. Since UA will be discontinued, you don’t want to run the risk of losing valuable data and of course, it’s free.
  • Starting early on your migration to the GA4 will give you a headstart and help you learn to navigate the new terrain before your competitors. Also, you can have a storage of data waiting before its official start in 2023.
  • With its newer addition and the integration to BigQuery, you can see the boundless possibilities for your brand. You have improved web analytics that is sure to provide greater conversion and accurate user interaction tracking.
  • GA4 continuous learning and improvement provide a solid foundation for better analysis and a future for your business and online journey.
  • There is the presence of a built-in DebugView to analyze and debug the upcoming data instantly.
  • It’s easy to migrate to GA4. If you’re using UA on your website, upgrading is simple. First, go to google.com/analytics. Navigate to your preferred account. Under the Property column, select “Upgrade to GA4.” Smooth!
  • Google Analytics 4 allows and even encourages users to create custom reports for the data they need. In this way, your dashboard is less disorganized. You can find the most important data for your business faster, make quick informed decisions and improve your website or app efficiency.
  • GA4 is going to be in the news and with its amazing features will soon be a popular choice for both marketers and big brands. You don’t want to be alienated from the trend. Why wait till the last minute when you can start now.

Wrapping up

The presence of the GA4 is a game-changer in the world of Google Analytics. With the many potentials of this latest version, business owners and marketers will be able to scale their business and enjoy a more reliable user experience tracking. While Universal Analytics is still running, it is a smart idea to at least set up GA4 right now.

Google Analytics 4 is a better alternative to UA. It allows you to get in-depth analysis in BigQuery and provide an excellent boost to your marketing and sales campaign. An early start is set to guarantee you a better experience in GA4. You should get ready to migrate as soon as possible. No need to procrastinate.

Unsure of how best to start your GA4 journey? Do you need a hand-holding guide to set up? Then you are in luck, our website team can assist with the setup and connect your GA4 today. Setting up now will not remove Universal Analytics. Talk to us today on 0420 232 154.