6 Ways Videos Can Elevate The Marketing Campaign Of A Business

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Marketing

Recently, marketers have started using videos on a wide scale in their business marketing campaigns. 93% of the marketers claim that videos are crucial in their marketing plan, while 78% of them are of the view that video marketing has improved the bottom line of their company.

According to statistics, 87% of businesses use video marketing to foster their business.

Studies also put down that videos are the future of digital marketing. It is predicted that by the end of 2022, 82% of all online traffic will be online videos, which is 15X higher than the situation in 2017.

Not only this, videos improve email click-through and open rates while reducing unsubscribes at the same time. They generate 1200% more social shares than static images and tests while increasing conversion rates and web traffic.

So, if you have still not implemented video in your marketing strategy, it is high time you do it before things get more competitive.

Let us dive in and find out some solid ways in which videos can elevate the marketing campaign of your business.

Videos Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

You can make serious money by incorporating videos into your marketing campaign. Adding an informative product video on your site’s landing page will likely increase conversions by about 80%.

Videos also result in direct sales. As per studies, 88% of the users who watch videos of products and services end up buying the same. So, it’s high time you start creating some of the most engaging product videos!

Videos on landing pages help build trust among prospects wary of providing their personal details on these pages. They eliminate a prospect’s fear of being spammed and set them at ease by walking them through what they can expect when filling out a form on your site’s landing page.

IMPACT, a California-based software company, is a good example of how this approach proved successful for a brand. River Pools, co-owned by IMPACT and even supported by the IMPACT team, has a short video on its landing page that gets right down to business.

The video explains everything you can expect when you fill out the form on the landing page. It shows that the prospect will get a confirmation email and also a phone call within 48 hours from the product design specialist at IMPACT – sweet, direct, and simple.

The result? An 80% increase in conversion rates of IMPACT.

Videos Are Great at Building Trust

Many businesses work to build trust because that’s the basis of conversion and sales. When you create trust among your prospects, that’s what results in long-term relationships.

Utilize an online video editor to make interesting videos and provide useful information to your prospects. When you stop selling directly and focus on ignition instead of content, it brings traffic to your site, advocates your content, and helps build trust in your business.

Take the example of Bulb, an energy company in England that produces effective product demo videos that do not just differentiate the brand from its competitors but also present the brand in the form of a reliable and efficient entity with a soul and purpose.

Bulb’s super-short, animated 45 to 60-second demo videos demonstrate everything about the brand clearly and in detail, helping it stand out in its niche while unseating old, established competitors.

Video Editor
6 ways videos can elevate the marketing campaign of a business - monster rose

Videos Bring in Great Returns on Investment

83% of the businesses believe that incorporating videos in their marketing strategy brought them major returns on investment.

Video production has become easy and affordable these days, all thanks to the availability of video editors. Videos pay off big time even without major investment.

And above everything else, your marketing video need not be perfect. Remember, it’s the content that really matters. Always keep in mind that viewers do not like videos that cannot clearly explain a product or a service. Poor design and low quality are not major factors.

Videos Are Popular Among Smartphone Users

Today’s smartphones are way better than immobile desktops and partially mobile laptops. And thus, videos and smartphones go hand in hand.

These days, people are used to watching videos on the go, and consumers watch videos on their smartphones while on the go. According to reports by YouTube, video consumption on mobile increases 100% every year. It is also worth noting that video views on mobile phones have grown by over 233% since 2013.

Also, there are no chances of mobile video consumption going down because of an increase in using smartphones and watching videos on the go. Also, as per Google, smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers and twice as likely as the TV viewers to feel a personal connection with the brands showing video content on their devices.

Videos Can Explain the Most Complicated Matter

Nothing is more convenient than using a video when it comes to explaining or highlighting the benefits of a complex product or service. 98% of the users say that they go through the explainer videos of the products they would like to buy to learn more about the same.

And it is exactly because of this reason that 45% of the businesses using videos in their marketing plan have explainers on their home pages. Even animated videos effectively bring complicated concepts to life, and they are the perfect blend of nostalgia, simplicity, entertainment, and most importantly, they work.

Videos Lead to Social Shares

With social media platforms encouraging videos with their brand new features, more and more businesses are bent on making videos that result in social shares. Here, it is worth noting that just about any video cannot go on to be shared by a viewer.

Viewers generally share a video with their friends and family members only if it is informative and entertaining at the same time.

Hence, brands need to create fun videos to encourage social shares.


So, these are the six ways a video can elevate a business’ marketing campaign. Marketers can reach prospective buyers easily with videos, and it has become easier than ever for businesses to make and share top-quality videos. 

So, if you are still lagging in using this important marketing tool, start experimenting with it now. Happy video marketing!