What are Google Discovery Ads?

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Google Ads, Marketing

When it comes to world online advertising and marketing, the business owner is availed of several opportunities. One such amazing channel to reach prospective customers is Google Discovery Ads. Advertisers are always looking for ways to get customers’ attention even before they make a purchase. They want to understudy the online behaviour of customers and successfully predict items they are interested in.

Google discovery ads are visually appealing ad messages that pop up on either YouTube, Gmail, or Google App feeds. When clicked on by users, they get to see the ad message of your brand. It can either be a single image or a carousel of images geared to grab the users’ attention. This is another amazing offer from Google to push businesses to a wider audience reach and help them achieve ad performance goals.

Keep reading If you are interested in growing your business through advertising, this article covers what google discovery ads are, their differences to google display ads, benefits, and creative requirements needed to get started.

Google Discovery Ads: Advertising made easy

Google discovery ads are visually stimulating clickable ads that are available on either YouTube, Gmail, or Google App feeds. These ads are curated from the user’s intent and past web activities. According to Google, 76 percent of people enjoy making unexpected discoveries while shopping. Discovery ads are targeted based on audience and not keywords. Google allows you to choose the option you want whether it is remarketing, detailed demographics, or live events. With this tool, there is a limited campaign setting. Some settings such as placement targeting, ad rotation, and device targeting are fixed.

Unlike google search queries, users do not have to start a web search to discover these ads. They are specifically tailored according to their web history and past online activities. If a user consistently runs a google search on sink dimension for a building, google will make ad messages on the sink discoverable to such persons without them inputting a search query.

Businesses are always seeking ways to proactively predict and deliver on prospective clients’ needs. One of the ways these wishes are coming to fruition is through Google Discovery Ads. By understanding the current desires of their customers, brands can tailor their ad messages to match these wants and convert site visitors to buyers.

Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

If you are considering activating Google Discovery Ads for your business, here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy.

  • It increases brand awareness and user engagement: with discovery ads, messages are tailored to encourage user interaction and personalized services
  • It is visually stimulating due to the option of the carousel image and is thus effective in converting web users to buyers.
  • It has a high impact rate ad it is available to users who are ready to engage, unlike the display ads that are generic and available for all.
  • It is effective to reach all audiences available on the three Google primary platforms (Youtube, Gmail, and Google app). This simplified the need for large-scale advertising.
  • The option of Artificial intelligence for understudying customers makes it even more effective when tailoring ad messages.
  • Google discovery ads are great options for introducing new products or service offerings to users who may have never discovered them before.
  • You can use automated bidding offered by Google to eliminate the challenging need for ad budgeting.
  • You can choose automated targeting for either your single image or carousel ad. By choosing automatic targeting, you allow Google discovery to decide how you want to display the ads and who you want them to go to.
  • You get to save costs on research as user research is already being handled by Google through its Artificial intelligence.

Differences between Google Discovery Ads and Google Display Ads

It is noteworthy to mention that Google Discovery Ads are different from Google display Ads. While discovery ads are for consumers who are ready to engage with brands, display ads play a more generic role by reminding users on any of Google’s platforms of a product or service offering. Google Discovery Ads is set up to furnish users with necessary information even before they begin a search query.

Another key difference is those display Ads are spread across different platforms where google services are accepted unlike discovery ads where ad messages are shown predominantly on Google’s three platforms (YouTube, Gmail, and Google app)

While discovery ads can be shown as carousels (this is a slideshow of images that can be selected to move forward or backward) display Ads do not get such options. You can only attach a video from your YouTube channel. Due to the image carousel option, discovery ads are more interactive and are effective for building user experience.

Discovery ads allow you to add a lead form which will be used to capture information about your customers straight from these ads. Also, discovery ads are more visually appealing than display ads. The additional multi-image option is one of the selling points while using this tool.

Creative requirements for Google Discovery Ads

Below are the creative requirements for Google Discovery ads, whether you are setting up a single image or carousel ads.

  • A headline is required; it can be up to 40 characters. You can also enter up to five headlines for a single creative.
  • This is also applicable to the ad descriptions; you are allowed to enter up to 5 descriptions.
  • At least one business name is required (up to 5 characters).
  • You must include a logo and a landing page that can be reached when users click on the ad.

You can also upload up to 20 images for this type of ad, ensure that your image size is:

  1. Landscape image (1.91:1): Min size: 600×314.
  2. Square image (1:1): Min size: 300×300.
  3. Portrait (4:5): Min size: 480 x 600.

The maximum file size is 5MB. JPG, PNG, and static GIF are the supported file types.

Google Discovery Ads
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In Conclusion

Google Discovery Ads are game-changers to your online marketing goals. When activated, you not only place your business to be discoverable by prospective customers, but you also make sure you are sending the right sales ad at the best time. Because this service uses machine learning, the current needs of your customers are revealed based on their search history. With this information available to advertisers, you can ensure you are putting up desired products or services even before they make purchasing decisions. Google discovery ads help you connect better with either existing or prospective, increase brand awareness or ensure an increase in the conversation rate of your ads.

Are you ready to step up your advertising game and put your products in the face of customers who want them? Are you interested in getting started with Google Discovery Ads for your business or need help with other digital marketing needs? If you are seeking to switch from Google display Ads to Google Discovery Ads, then you need to talk to us at Monster Rose. We are a digital marketing agency that offers services ranging from web design, SEO, and reputation management. Need any of our services today, send us an email at info@monsterrose.com.au or speak to any of the team at 0420 232 154.