What Your Website Must Show for a Great Initial Impression

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Web Design

Customers frequent websites but rarely do they stay for more than 30 seconds. A majority will click off once they can’t gather any initial information that would entice them to learn more or make a purchase. 

The lack of a great first impression about your business and what it has in store for them can be quite a loss. You have to wow your potential customers, but what exactly should your website show? Consider adding the following during site development:

Brand Information

If your customer is only scanning your website for 15 seconds, you need to provide the basic information about your business right away. Assume that you’re marketing to a stranger and layout relevant data that can explain what your brand is.

Some may reserve the longer in-depth explanation about what makes up their brand in the About Us sections but ask your web developers to relay the summary. Your brand’s name and what it hopes to help customers with should be explicitly provided.

Offered Goods

Customers need to know what your website is offering when they initially check out the website. There’s no need to bombard them with every product or service that your business is providing, but a short highlight and description would be enough to hook them in. 

After adding your offered goods, you may want to consider including the product cost. Certain customers may not bother getting their wallets out if they can’t see the pricing information, though you can invite them to seek a quote for more professional services.

Contact Details

In case your customers have any questions about your business or your goods and services, they will likely skim the page for any contact information. Be sure to add those details so that you can receive their inquiry and get back to them as soon as possible.

Phone numbers and email addresses are a must-add, but you can consider adding your business address if applicable as well. Website developers may also insert an embedded chatbox so that customers can leave their queries a little easier.


Many customers are wary of fake websites that can scam them of their personal data and payment information, so it’s important to show some expertise and a bit of trustworthiness. Try to add verification or certification that can show that your site and business are legitimate.

Alongside that, answer what makes your business unique from all the others? Why should a customer entertain and stay on your site instead? Use text and visuals to convey your reasoning and effectively communicate.

Call to Action

Website call to actions need to stand out.

If your site visitor is intrigued by everything they’ve seen on your website thus far, they’re probably wondering what their next step is. Don’t lose them after hooking them in; reel them instead by adding a call to action button.

Including these CTAs can be great guidance that will guide them on how they can go from a site visitor to a paying patron. Be sure not to overwhelm and confuse them with too many buttons, though. Get a web developer who can create a straightforward layout.


Adding all these elements to your website and making them visible within the very first minute of a site visitor scrolling through is paramount. First impressions count in the digital world, so make your business’s site the best that it can be.
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