How to Make the Most Out of Your Google Ads Campaign

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Marketing

The COVID-19 crisis has brought so much havoc ever since it broke out worldwide. It highlighted improvements needed in our healthcare system, heightened our respect for our healthcare workers and all other essential workers. Besides that, the pandemic also brought the local economy to its knees, with increased costs across the board, business closures; not to dismiss the mental health cost.

We have had to adapt to at home learning for our children, whilst working! Personally, the lesser social interactions and not being able to visit family has been the hardest. 

If you are an entrepreneur, no amount of positivity may take away your fears. However, your anxiety is completely understandable. You can turn things around by tapping into the miracle of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not merely creating a website. It involves other processes, such as the Google Ads campaign. If you already have one, how sure are you that you are making the most out of it? Instead, you should take time to read this article to minimise your mistakes in your Google Ads campaign.

Campaign Options

Are you the one in charge of your company’s Google Ads campaign? If so, did you choose a search campaign, a display, a video or combination? 

The most important thing about a Google Ads campaign is that it is relevant to the company’s goals. If your campaign is aimed at making people click on your ad, you’re not likely to see a return on investment. Moreover, these clicks don’t convert into sales, which will only hurt your quality score and overall campaign performance. Instead, you should make sure that it relates to the company’s brand and the customers’ needs.

You can ask the help of a digital marketing company to assist. Other than that, you can be careful when establishing your Google Ads campaign and match the campaign and network type accordingly.

Keyword Match Types For Google Ads
How to make the most out of your google ads campaign - monster rose

Keyword Match Type

You might think that after setting up your campaign, your job is done, but it is not. A Google Ads Campaign needs to be continually optimised. It would be best if you understand keyword match types. If your keyword matches the search terms too loosely, your ad may appear in an unrelated search.  Meanwhile, if it is too precise, your ad may not come up in any search.

You must ask for the professional help of a digital marketing guru to maximise your search ads potential. They will do thorough keyword research and an in-depth analysis of your audience’s search intent. Besides that, they will teach you the difference between the following concepts:

  • Broad Match – Keyword, variations and related searches.
  • Phrase Match – Shows ads on searches that express the meaning of your keyword. This is a more defined version of above.
  • Exact Match – Displays ads on searches that mean the same thing as your keyword.
  • Broad Match Modifier – This keyword type was a favorite of many marketers, myself included. Unfortunately this is now extinct. If you have any still in your campaign, it will be treated as a phrase match.

Negative Keywords

Even after choosing the right keyword, you might still see your Google Ad in irrelevant searches. You can add negative keywords to counter this. Again, you must select the type of negative keyword you plan to apply wisely.

Landing Page Experience Is Part Of A Good Google Ads Management Strategy
How to make the most out of your google ads campaign - monster rose

Landing Page and Ad Copy

If you haven’t already analysed what the key points people are searching for when it comes to your product or service – do it now! If you have been running your campaigns for a while, have a look at your ad copy. What is giving you the highest click through rate? What can you do to improve it? 

Is your landing page highlighting the same key points? What can you do to improve the user experience? Basic principles is to ensure it is easy & quick to navigate to get to the answer the user is after. Do you have enough calls to action? Unsure – Create a second landing page and experiment to see which one performs better.

Location and Time 

Assuming you have the correct location and time targeting set up, you should have enough data after a couple of months to drill down on where and when you get a higher conversion rate. For example if you find that you have a high conversion rate between 8am and 10am, then I would consider implementing a bid adjustment during those times.

Quality Score

The quality score of your ad is based on the historical performance of your keywords and ad groups. You can improve your ad quality score by removing low performing keywords and using more relevant, branded keywords. By optimizing the ad copy and landing page, you’ll increase your CTR and boost your campaign’s conversion rate. This is especially important if you are targeting a specific demographic.


With determination, your company can survive this unprecedented time. You might not immediately see the results, but everyone will appreciate what you have done in time. Your efforts will not only turn things around but could pave the way for your company’s expansion.

The most effective Google Ads campaigns rely on data collection. Impression share is a good indicator of the number of times an ad has been shown in a particular environment. The percentage of clicks on a particular ad will depend on the quality of the website. The better the ad is, the more clicks it will generate. There are various types of keywords, and you can choose the right one to match your business’s needs.

If you are looking for digital marketing agency to help you with your Google Ads campaign, you do not have to look far. At Monster Rose, we will be there every step of the way. View our most recent case study.